• The EU Must Ensure Data Protection & Digital Marketing Safeguards for both Children & Adolescents (and that includes you too, UK!)

    By: Jeff Chester | Feb 1 2017

    This blog entry by Jeff Chester originally appeared on the Media Policy Blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science here.

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  • Facebook Must Develop Safeguards for Political Data-Driven Advertising & Targeting

    By: Staff | Jan 30 2017

    This is a case study of Facebook's work for Judicial Watch illustrating how the media, digital advertising & social networking company uses micro-targeting and tracking for political causes. 


    Established in 1994, Judicial Watch is a conservative non-partisan government watchdog organization that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and law. It has filed lawsuits against the last several US presidential administrations.

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  • Google and Facebook Must Adopt Responsible Practices Regarding Role in Political Campaigns

    By: Staff | Jan 26 2017

    What can marketers learn from the latest data about voter behavior online?

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  • Cognitive Computing Used to Identify You, Personalize and Target you for Ads

    By: Staff | Jan 23 2017

    Personality models 

    As described in Personality Insights basics, Personality Insights analytics are developed based on the psychology of language in combination with data analytics algorithms. The characteristics are described in terms of three models:

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  • Political Campaigns Transform TV into Targeting Tool for Political Campaigns

    By: Staff | Jan 20 2017

    Deep Root Analytics, a leading media analytics company that creates multi-sourced media data platforms for television audience targeting and ad monitoring, announced today that it has teamed up with D2 Media Sales to enable political & advocacy advertisers to target households using proprietary audience segments.

    Deep Root Analytics has created 26 proprietary segments of voters based on partisan or issue affinity and has pre-matched these segments to D2’s advertising platform, providing addressable TV advertising to nearly 22 million DIRECTV and DISH satellite households.

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  • Time to Regulate Role of Algorithms in Political Campaigns

    By: Staff | Jan 18 2017

    The Power of Algorithms: 

    AudiencePredictor™ and AudienceExcluder™ 

    Pursue your best audiences by utilizing The Trade Desk’s proprietary targeting algorithms. AudiencePredictor™ employs third party data to identify users who fit your ideal voter profiles.  

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  • Digital Food Marketing to Children and Adolescents: Problematic Practices and Policy Interventions

    By: Staff | Jan 18 2017

    This report examines trends in digital marketing to youth that uses "immersive" techniques, social media, behavioral profiling, location targeting and mobile marketing, and neuroscience methods. Recommends principles for regulating inappropriate advertising to youth.

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  • Smart Zones for Politics & Advocacy

    By: Staff | Jan 15 2017

    Politics is about fundraising, message management, and getting out the vote. Using Semcasting voter history data, the Smart Zones platform has been optimized to support voter registration goals and donor profiling, and identify and to target activist interests and propensities, such as participating in a GOTV program or attending a town hall meeting.

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  • Statement on Edith Ramirez resignation

    By: Jeff Chester | Jan 14 2017

    Edith Ramirez brought the FTC into the 21st century. Under her leadership, the agency made it clear that new technologies had to treat consumers fairly, including when it came to protecting their privacy. Through enforcement, litigation, and publicly exposing new threats, Edith Ramirez’s commission has created a unique consumer protection legacy that will have a long-lasting and positive impact. Ramirez’s tenure has also been marked by a strong commitment to protecting economically vulnerable and other at-risk consumers, including those who reflect the country’s diversity.

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  • Our Next President: Also Brought to You by Big Data and Digital Advertising

    By: Jeff Chester | Jan 9 2017


    The ease of promoting and profiting from fake news, the use of social media to spread disinformation and twist the truth and the ability to microtarget voters on all their devices reveal how political campaigns and special-interest groups are taking full advantage of the “Big Data”-driven digital marketing system that Google and Facebook have helped unleash. Campaigns now have needle-in-the-haystack capabilities, provided by commercial marketing and media companies, to find and motivate an individual voter.

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  • Expanding Surveillance of Consumer Set-top Box via Big Data used for Targeting Public

    By: Staff | Jan 9 2017

    Powered by unique census-level data, 605’s state-of-the art analytics tools and methodologies transform raw data into precise and actionable insights on a national basis.

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  • Data on Billions of Consumers in New Digital Targeting Platform

    By: Staff | Jan 4 2017

    GroupM, the media investment management group of WPP, today announced the global launch of [m]PLATFORM, an advanced technology suite of flexible media planning applications, data analytics and digital services. The platform will improve advertisers’ ability to use audiencedefining insights from hundreds of data sources to find and communicate with their consumers across all media. [m]PLATFORM makes it possible for media planners at GroupM agencies to use the most detailed consumer data to achieve results for their clients.

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  • Unruly Taps IBM Watson To Improve Accuracy of Online Marketing Campaigns

    By: Staff | Jan 2 2017

    British ad tech company Unruly has turned to IBM Watson to create a new cognitive powered psychographic targeting tool to increase the effectiveness of digital video ads. Unruly DNA combines the company’s emotional intelligence tools with IBM Watson’s machine learning capabilities to help identify and engage the people most likely to increase a brand’s sales.

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  • Big Data gets Bigger to Track Your Every Move, Program, and Music

    By: Staff | Dec 22 2016

    Nielsen announced it has entered into an agreement with Tribune Media Company to purchase Gracenote, the industry’s premier provider of media and entertainment metadata. With this transaction, Nielsen will acquire the data and technology that underpins the programming guides and personalized user experience for major video, music, audio and sports content.

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  • Salesforce Big Data Gets Bigger As It Acquires Targeting Powerhouse Krux

    By: Staff | Dec 19 2016

    The Krux platform helps marketersmedia companies, and agencies put data to work to orchestrate breakthrough brand experiences, deepen consumer engagement, and drive business results. 

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  • Nielsen Marketing Cloud Grows Its Global Footprint

    By: Staff | Dec 12 2016

    On June 20, 2016, Nielsen today launched its Nielsen Marketing Cloud in Europe, enabling regional and global clients to dramatically improve marketing outcomes and reduce media waste across multiple platforms. The Nielsen Marketing Cloud delivers unrivaled consumer data and analytics only Nielsen can provide in addition to a full-suite of first-party data management, cross-platform media planning, marketing activation and real-time campaign analytics applications.

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  • Big Data, Mobile Marketing, Online Payments via Chase Bank pushing Fast Food

    By: Staff | Dec 9 2016

    Starting today, Chase customers can use the Chase Pay® app to order ahead and pay at participating quick-service restaurants. 

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  • AI / Cognitive Computing Comes to Marketing

    By: Staff | Dec 7 2016

    Artificial intelligence isn’t just for science fiction films anymore—it’s a real tool for marketers and advertisers across industries. From natural language processing to social data parsing, cognitive solutions can solve some challenges that brands could not previously tackle. Nish Parekh, program director of IBM Watson client services, spoke to eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how the company’s Watson technology is strengthening marketers’ decision-making capabilities. 

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  • Internet-Connected Toys Are Spying on Kids, Threatening Their Privacy + Security

    By: Staff | Dec 6 2016

    WASHINGTON, DC – December 6, 2016 – The growing popularity of “smart” Internet-connected toys poses significant privacy, security, and other risks to children, according to a complaint filed today(link is external) by leading child advocacy, consumer, and privacy groups at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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  • Pokémon Go Geolocation Data Targeting Moves into Wearables

    By: Staff | Nov 29 2016

    What next for Pokémon Go? 

    With a move into wearable tech, in-game events and global expansion on the cards, Pokémon Go is devising new opportunities for brands to connect with its 20 million plus daily users.

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