Drawbridge: Building the Technology that Maps the Cross-Device World

Drawbridge understands consumers. A lot of companies can say that, but we take it a step further. In fact, we can actually predict consumer behavior. Is that even possible? Because we know how people use their devices to get information about things they are interested in, we understand their patterns, tendencies, intentions and goals even before they do. This enables us to provide our customers with the most comprehensive understanding of their customers, on a one-to-one basis.

Drawbridge has built the first effective cross-device identity technology. We bridge data from personal computing devices, mobile devices, and emerging devices to reach more than one billion consumers across more than three billion devices. The Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph is constructed using machine-learning algorithms that observe and process vast amounts of data.

Identity: The Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph includes more than 1.2 billion consumers connected across more than 3.6 billion devices to date, with accuracy verified at 97.3%. This cross-device identity framework forms the base of the entire Drawbridge platform.

Data: Drawbridge enables marketers to enhance their understanding of consumers for cross-device marketing purposes – extending desktop data across mobile devices and vice versa. This holistic consumer view is achieved by layering first- or third-party audience segments, location attributes, CRM data, and other custom attributes with the Connected Consumer Graph.

Reach: Drawbridge has built a proprietary cross-device targeting, pricing, and optimization engine, as well as a cross-device bidder to maximize consumer reach across devices.

Attribution: Drawbridge provides brands with a complete, 360-degree view of their audiences, giving marketers the ability to measure cross-device influence and attribute consumer actions online and offline.


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