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About Influencer Marketing

We focus on helping brands and agencies engage with the inner circle of influencers so that through their networks they can help you more effectively influence your end target audience.

“Engage with the right influencers at the right time with the right content”

IDENTIFY your company’s key influencers.

ENGAGE effectively through content seeding and social outreach.

MEASURE the ROI and performance of your influencing activities.

SCALE your program to influence more.


INFLUENCER PROFILES: Full profiles of your influencers are essential to better understand them in order to tailor your engagement.

CONTENT SEEDING: Want to seed excellent quality content with your influencers? Easily surface content opportunities with this feature.

NETWORK MAPS: These maps help you understand key relationships between your influencers and lets you see who talks to whom.

REAL TIME ALERTS: Stay up to date on everything that’s happening; topic notifications, content opps and much more.