Press Statement - CDD supports revisions to Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) that now has majority of Senate backing

 Washington, DC                                                                                 February 15, 2024

For too long social media platforms have prioritized their financial interests over the well-being of young users. Meta, TikTok, YouTube, Snap and other companies should be held accountable for the safety of America's youth. They must be required to prevent harms to kids—such as eating disorders, violence, substance abuse, sexual exploitation, and the exploitation of their privacy.  The Kids Online Safety Act (KOSAwould require platforms to implement the most protective privacy and safety settings by default. It would help prevent the countless tragic results experienced by too many children and their parents. We are in support of the updated language of the Kids Online Safety Act and urge Congress to pass the bill promptly.


Katharina Kopp, Ph.D.

Director of Policy, Center for Digital Democracy