Rubicon Project Deploys MapR for Mission Critical Real-time Advertising Platform

Rubicon Project offers real-time trading technology that automates the selling and buying of online advertisements. Rubicon Project’s automated advertising platform has surpassed Google in U.S. audience reach and is used by more than 500 of the world’s premium publishers to transact with over 100,000 ad brands globally. The company’s customers include eBay, TIME, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, Tribune Company, Virgin Media, People, Universal and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Rubicon Project performs 125 billion real-time auctions on their global transac- tion platform per day. That translates to about 4.0 petabytes of data that needs to be managed and analyzed.

The Challenge

Rubicon Project has relied on Hadoop for several years to store and analyze its data. However, the company’s business was growing rapidly and they needed to move to a fault-tolerant, mission-critical Hadoop production system. They needed high availability of services and jobs as well as data protection and disaster recov- ery capabilities.

MapR Solution

“We made a decision that Hadoop was going to be a critical piece of our day-to- day operations,” explains Jan Gelin, Rubicon Project’s VP of Engineering. “The problem with Hadoop was instability. We had to solve that problem. That’s where MapR comes in.”

Rubicon Project chose the MapR Distribution including ApacheTM Hadoop® because of its enterprise features including high availability, data protection and recover- ability, disaster recovery and advanced monitoring features. “Redundancy and the availability of support are critical to our business,” says Gelin.


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