Viacom and Canvs Partner to Decode Complex Millennial Language in Marketing Campaigns for the First Time Ever

NEW YORK—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Viacom Velocity (link is external), Viacom’s (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA) integrated marketing and creative content team, today announced a partnership with Canvs, the technology platform that measures and interprets emotionality in language. The alliance provides an unprecedented advantage to Velocity’s clients by measuring consumers’ emotional reactions to marketing campaigns.

Velocity’s updated Echo Social Graph product (“Echo 2.0.”), Viacom’s proprietary tool that measures the effectiveness and virality of custom creative marketing campaigns, will integrate Canvs’ emotional analysis to deliver deeper insights to marketing partners about the consumer impact of a campaign. Canvs’ sophisticated capability tracks a broad range of 56 unique emotions, which is a huge increase over the three general feelings - “positive-negative-neutral” - typically tracked by sentiment analysis. Additionally, Canvs’ extensive database is uniquely keyed into millennial slang and social media language.

Until now, Canvs has focused mostly on translating audience feelings about television shows, but Echo Social Graph’s advanced capability to track social media conversations for clients across five platforms -Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and Instagram - opens new ways to utilize Canvs.

“Viacom’s Echo Social Graph has already been providing clients a unique advantage in measuring social media campaigns by mining data on five social media platforms,” said Lydia Daly, Vice President of Viacom Velocity. “Layering Canvs’ analytics into Echo 2.0 deepens the insights we provide our clients like no one else can in the industry, and our team uses this information to ensure that we deliver our partners’ brand messages with maximum effectiveness. Finding the most innovative ways to connect creativity and data science is what keeps us - and our clients - ahead.”


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