CDD Releases Guide: "5 Reasons Why Facebook is Not Suitable for Children Under 13"

The Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) closely analyzes Facebook’s privacy and marketing policies. In partnership with other child advocacy, health and consumer organizations, we are in an on-going discussion about Facebook's data collection and marketing policies and its impact on children and teens. As part of our public outreach work, CDD is releasing “5 Reasons Why Facebook is Not Suitable for Children Under 13." The guide lays out some of the key problematic business and marketing practices that makes Facebook own data-driven marketing practices of concern for children. For example, it discusses how Facebook's marketing practices take advantage of children's cognitive, social and developmental vulnerabilities.

CDD and our partners plan to expand the public conversation on children and Facebook to include issues related to the platform's extensive data collection, profiling and marketing practices. These issues compound existing concerns about children's risks involving cyberbullying, harmful content, or the activities of predators while on Facebook.

The guide can be found below: