New WHO Report on Digital Marketing of Alcohol

Jeff Chester

CDD's Jeff Chester contributed to report's focus on online marketing practices, inc. use of big data analytics, by alcoholic beverage companies

(Excerpt from WHO release):  

Just as with tobacco, a global and comprehensive approach is required to restrict digital marketing of alcohol.

“The vast majority of alcohol advertising online is “dark”

Children and young people are especially at risk from the invasion of their social spaces by communication promoting alcohol consumption, normalising alcohol in all social contexts and linked to development of adult identities.

“Current policies across the WHO European Region are insufficient to protect people from new formats of alcohol marketing. Age verification schemes, where they exist, are usually inadequate to protect minors from exposure to alcohol marketing. The fact that the vast majority of alcohol advertising online is “dark”, in the sense that it is only visible to the consumer to whom it is marketed, is challenging for policy makers thus requiring new mechanisms and a new approach,” said Dr Carina Ferreira-Borges, Acting Director for Noncommunicable Diseases and Programme Manager for Alcohol and Illicit Drugs at WHO/Europe.

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