Acxiom Buys Allant's Advanced-Ad Business

Solving Critical Problems for Both Advertisers and Marketers:

Marketing / IT


  1. Acquisition, Retention, & Growth
  2. Poor Marketing Measurement
  3. Lack of Online/Offlne Integration, Channel Efficiency


  1. Databases for cross channel residential and business marketing, third party data sourcing, modeling and analysis, campaign management and execution reporting
  2. Closed loop response attribution, cross channel dashboards, performance benchmarking, ROI & business case
  3. Online and offline customer data integration, real-time leverage of unified customer intelligence across channels

Customer Insights


  1. Lack of Behavioral Insights Across Channels
  2. Optimize Customer LTV/Portfolio
  3. Managing the Customer Lifecycle Across Channel


  1. Customer Data Integration, behavioral segmentation, purchase analysis, channel analysis, media consumption segmentation, reporting & dashboards
  2. Customer Data Integration, customer profitability and LTV, customer segmentation across lines of business and products, share and size of wallet
  3. Customer Data Integration, funnel analysis, conversion analysis, marketing strategy & program design recommendations for cross channel campaigns



  1. Poor Sales Conversions/Close Rates
  2. Optimize Sales Coverage Against Best Opportunities
  3. Poor/Ineffective or Un-Prioritized Leads


  1. Audience and business data integration and analysis, go-to-customer strategy design (share of wallet driven), funnel & conversion analysis
  2. Multi-dimensional sales coverage & mapping, sales performance and profitability, scenario planning
  3. New business leads, specialty data, modeled lead intelligence, connectivity between marketing database & SFA tools


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