Big Data Co’s Track You on All Your Devices, Experiences

Learn more about Krux’s data management platform solution ‘marrying human insight and machine learning’.

People are unique, from their different characteristics to preferences to behaviors. People engage with brands in infinitely different ways, and they certainly don’t fit neatly into standard audience personas. More granular and dynamic audience segments can be discovered and defined through Salesforce DMP machine learning capabilities powered by Einstein.

Salesforce DMP Machine-Discovered Segments deliver:

  • Machine-learning algorithms that detect similarity and correlation between users to find hidden patterns and behaviors

  • Prescriptive audience recommendations based on all data sources

  • Unique audience personas that differentiate and augment the value of your first-party data

  • Intelligently targeted and personalized engagement

  • Complete analysis and actionable data to discover, activate, and measure

Key Features include:

  • Programmatic Attribution Modeling: Smart insights for smart ad buys and activation across all screens, channels and systems.

  • Turnkey Lookalike Modeling: Audience expansion in which you control the tradeoff between reach and similarity, without reliance on external black box providers.

  • Restricted Data Leasing: Safe, supervised data flow to authorized partners according to times, terms and conditions of your choosing with automated tools for auditing and verification.

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