Collective Bias: The Power to Influence

What We Measure: Real-Time Engagement Metrics

When you run a program with Collective Bias, you have access to our real-time dashboard to get rich engagement metrics at your fingertips, so you can track any piece of content our community creates for you.

We track Total Media Value (TMV), earned vs. paid, organic social shares and true blog analytics, by measuring the value of each piece of content and engagement.

While most companies just provide visits or blogger self-reported numbers, our technology tracks actual page views, reach and social actions taken across multiple dimensions, along with organic search reputation lift in concert with social queues and content.

Highly Targeted by Geography, Influencer Type & Store Affinity

Our platform allows advertisers the flexibility of targeting campaigns by influencer type, geography and by their favorite retailer. We can enlist Millennial influencers for one store, moms at a different store and send members of our Latino community to another. Targeting is nothing without scale, and Collective Bias delivers both.

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