Comcast, Cox, Charter Sell Your Data to Political Groups

What connects cable, online and on demand viewers? NCC Digital Video.

NCC’s approach to advertising reaches premium voter audiences across all screens.

Only NCC has the unrivaled ability to target authenticated subscribers in a variety of ways across premium cable content and websites. And with our targeting technology, NCC can continue to target this subscriber as well as additional specific audiences throughout the web.

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  • NCC A+ Political Advertising gathers first party voter data from all 50 states and offers list matching

  • Premium in-stream video ads run across all screens to an engaged, authenticated audience

  • Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) facilitates ad insertion into premium cable programming in OnDemand viewing

  • Premium High Impact Home Page and Sign-In page take overs give maximum brand exposure and impact

NCC Political Media is proud of our partnerships with the most reputable research and data sources on US voters.

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Access to this intelligence allows us to provide you with superior intelligence on how to effectively reach the right voters in your preferred markets, on the best cable networks and online platforms.


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