Expanding Surveillance of Consumer Set-top Box via Big Data used for Targeting Public

Powered by unique census-level data, 605’s state-of-the art analytics tools and methodologies transform raw data into precise and actionable insights on a national basis.

Dolan Family Ventures (DFV) announced that it has acquired Analytics Media Group (AMG), a leading data analytics and technology business with deep political, marketing and analytics expertise, and launched 605, a new independent audience measurement and analytics business focused on optimizing marketing and programming initiatives within the media and entertainment industries. 605 has expansive relationships with partners across the country that provide extensive, privacy-protected, set-top box viewing data to ensure that its analysis is based on a vast and credible footprint of data representing key individual and regional demographics.

“Our experience in the industry tells us there are major gaps in audience measurement and television analytics in the current marketing and programming landscape,” said Kristin Dolan, founder and CEO of 605. “The acquisition of AMG and the subsequent launch of 605 immediately establishes a company with real scale, significant resources, profound analytic capabilities, extensive set-top box data and management experience. 605 is creating a new generation of products and services to enhance media buying, planning, programming and audience targeting. This fills a critical need for media and entertainment businesses in today’s rapidly changing viewing landscape.”

605 launches as a fully-formed and well-financed company to provide solutions using data-driven, census-based audience measurement, addressing some of the challenges in measurement that exist today. 605’s set-top box data is unique in terms of its footprint and the rights granted which enables a deeper, broader and more granular analysis to deliver actionable insights to programmers, brands and advertisers.

Advanced Advertising & Data Partners:

605 advertisers

Data Services:

  • Data onboarding, processing, normalization, and hosting
  • End-to-end data management including QA and ETL processes
  • Data systems architecture, integration, testing and optimization
  • Data monitoring, reporting and real-time analytics
  • Custom services including audience/CRM, product, platform and network-based data analytics

Advertising Analytics:

  • Target audience identification with custom models and segmentation for data-driven campaigns
  • Creative, offer, and message testing
  • Primary research (brand awareness, recall, response)
  • Campaign planning, measurement, reporting, and optimization tools
  • Impressions-based reporting & verification
  • Return on Investment (ROI) experiments and analytics

Programming Analytics:

  • Census-based measurement
  • Audience analysis and segmentation
  • Second-by-second programming analytics
  • Tune-in conversion analysis and optimization
  • Path analysis (lead-in, lead-out)
  • Cross-platform behavioral analytics (linear, non-linear, OTT)
  • Content, creative and message testing
  • Audience-based ad planning, sales and reporting tools

605 is a newly created fully-operational and well-financed company that offers unique, independent audience measurement and analytics that optimize programming and marketing initiatives within the media, sports, and entertainment industries. The company was created by Dolan Family Ventures through its acquisition of Analytics Media Group and access to set-top box data from an extensive network of partners across the country.


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