Mobile App and Cross-Screen Retargeting

ActionX is the leader in mobile app and cross-screen retargeting. We work with the biggest transactional brands to drive cross-screen revenue and maximize lifetime value.

How Mobile App and Cross-Screen Retargeting Works:

Automatic, deep segmentationbased on your users’ activity—down to the product level.

Dynamic creative with messaging tailored to each user, designed to drive significant RoAS lift.

Deep links tied to the point of transaction deliver customers to the point of purchase, maximizing conversion rates.

Easy implementation with our Crossfire tags, or share data with us from our direct integrations with mobile analytics providers (AD-X, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, HasOffers, Kochava, TapSense, etc.).

Cross-screen attribution connects users’ activities across devices for understanding, behavior, and attribution.

RoAS optimization focuses marketing activity on what drives revenue.

Client Testimonials:

“Since starting our engagement with ActionX, JackThreads has realized an impressive return on ad spend, and we are excited to expand our partnership as we enter the holiday season.”
— Ryan McIntyre, EVP Marketing, JackThreads
“ActionX has enabled us to reactivate our users in a very cost efficient way. We’re seeing much higher click-through and app-launch rates than we thought possible.”
— Ted Mann, CEO, SnipSnap