Rocket Fuel Leads Programmatic Industry beyond 1:1 Marketing with “Marketing in the Moment” to Improve Performance and Reduce Wasted Spend

Redwood City, Calif., Sept. 16, 2015 – Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL), the leading Programmatic Marketing Platform provider with Moment Scoring™ technology, today introduced its “Marketing in the Moment” approach to move marketers beyond one-to-one marketing and deliver higher performing marketing campaigns at the precise moment of influence.

With 1:1 marketing, marketers waste dollars messaging to static segments and profiles, constraining themselves with predetermined spend by channel and evaluating campaigns after the fact, rather than dynamically in real-time. Marketing in the moment means that marketers can leverage real-time, contextual data to determine the best message in a moment, score each moment to improve marketing actions in real-time, and benefit from a more accurate media mix.

“Rocket Fuel is leading an industry transformation to deliver marketing campaigns that target consumers at precise moments of influence,” said Monte Zweben, interim CEO, Rocket Fuel. “Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring technology is purpose-built to learn the critical—and often hard to recognize—predictors of what makes one ad more appropriate than another, in a particular moment, to deliver on a marketer’s goals.”

Rocket Fuel’s leading Programmatic Marketing Platform, which is comprised of a Saas-based Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Data Management Platform (DMP), is supported by three pillars of Rocket Fuel’s unique Marketing in the Moment approach:

Moment Scoring. Rocket Fuel performs a real-time calculation of each ad opportunity based on the likelihood that a consumer will engage in a desired action across channels, devices, and objectives. Rocket Fuel has spent years fine tuning its technology to understand emergent patterns in consumer data. With Moment Scoring , Rocket Fuel uses these patterns to discover attributes and variables for each ad opportunity—that would otherwise be obscured by the complexity of the data—to improve results for marketers whether they are trying to drive online conversions, improve brand preference, or any other business goal.

Marketing that Learns. Rocket Fuel’s AI automatically learns over time and adapts to improve campaign results. When Rocket Fuel serves an impression, it learns about the outcome of each ad delivered and applies that knowledge later in a campaign. The result for clients, over time, is a higher performing campaign as the model increases the number of attributes considered in a score to create better performance toward the marketer’s goal.

Media Mix that Adapts. Realizing the full power of Moment Scoring means thinking about channels, including display, mobile, social and video; devices; and objectives all together, not in silos. Customers using Rocket Fuel experienced an average increased ROI of 31% in initial cross-device campaigns. With Rocket Fuel, marketers can run campaigns that leverage unified profiles, which provide a singular view of an individual across desktop and mobile devices. Moment Scoring operates consistently no matter how the consumer is interacting with a marketer’s message, so Rocket Fuel can identify influential moments on any digital channel or device. The result is an opportunity to improve performance and reduce ad waste by serving the right ad to the right consumer on whichever device he or she is using at the moment of greatest influence.


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