Wiland Digital Solutions

Every day, consumer audiences engage a vast array of digital media as they spend an increasing amount of time online, particularly on mobile devices. To reach them with targeted messages and compelling offers requires the perfect fusion of proven direct marketing principles with best-of-breed ad technology.

It requires Wiland Digital Solutions™.

Leveraging our massive consumer transactional data, sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling, we help marketers focus their digital advertising efforts with remarkable precision. Our unique ability to identify and reach the best prospects and customers delivers maximum ROI, both online and off for clients in a broad range of consumer, nonprofit and publishing sectors.

The Wiland Advantage: The Nation’s Most Comprehensive Consumer Database

It all begins with the Wiland database—the largest, most diverse consumer transaction database in the U.S. Continuously updated by the transactional data of thousands of companies and organizations from multiple industries, our database includes myriad data points on more than 235 million U.S. consumers. Using this vast data, Wiland builds precise models capable of pinpointing the online audiences most likely to respond, convert and become long-term value customers, donors and subscribers.

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Our methodology is based on one simple but powerful truth: The best predictor of future transactional behavior is past transactional behavior. And we have more of this in-depth data than any other marketing intelligence company. When digital advertising is based on data of this depth and quality, marketers can be confident that they are investing their online advertising budgets wisely and will see outstanding results.

Beyond Response: Finding High-Value Customers or Donors

While it is easy to measure digital advertising simply in terms of clicks and conversions, we help our clients take a more strategic view of their online marketing opportunities. We enable them to reach not only more customers but better customers—those most likely to become loyal, repeat buyers, donors and subscribers. In today’s loyalty-strained consumer economy, our ability to help marketers identify, reach and cultivate long-term value customers can make the difference between profitability and struggling to combat costly low-value customer churn.

Our Solutions

Our highly targeted, data-driven display advertising capabilities are delviered through four solutions:


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